Ralf is a composer and producer and has been working film music, artist production and his solo works. His musical background is very eclectic as of his classical education in piano and composition and the strong electronic influences on his work since the late 80'ies.

In the 90'ies he collaborated with Sven Väth on his albums, released countless club tracks ("Alienated", "Superstring", "Firedance" or "Vernon´s Wonderland Rmx" a.o.) and founded his electronic live-project Earth Nation with whom he has been touring around Europe and playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival, London's Brixton Academy, Kristiansand, Tribal Gatering Universe and many others.

In that time he has also produced various remixes for artists such as Anne Clark, Robert Palmer, Enigma or Yello. Eventually he was awarded with the "Viva Comet" as „Best Producer" from Germany's music TV channel VIVA. His score for the art-docu movie "Hommage á Noir" received the Goldmedal at the New York Festivals in 1996.

End of 9o'ies/first years of 00's was the time of new directions and Ralf was focusing on artist-related productions and songwriting. He founded the production-company Schallbau with Stevie B-Zet and A.C.Boutsen and they produced and co-wrote successful songs and albums  for artists such as Laith Al-Deen, Andreas Bourani, Yvonne Catterfeld, Phil Collin´s sun Simon Collins' debut album and many others.

Since 2010 Ralf started to focuse more and more on filmmusic and produced many scores. He often collaborated with Stevie B-Zet on soundtracks for feature movies and TV productions such as "Vincent will meer" ("Deutscher Filmpreis", 2012 - German Filmacadamy Award), the acclaimed "Bastard" or the TV series "Verbotene Liebe" (2012-2015).

His filmmusic for the internationally acclaimed short movie "Momentum" (by Boris Seewald) received various awards such as "Cinedans" and a nomination for best music at the "Newport International Filmfestival" in UK in 2014. In 2017 he won the "Goldene Reiter" at the esteemed Filmfestival Dresden for his score to the movie "Eine Villa mit Pinien".


• Maltese (Italian crime series)
• Tod einer Kadettin
• Burg Schreckenstein
• Kommissarin Lucas, "Der Kreuzweg"
• Eine Villa mit Pinien (Shortmovie, Animation)
• Komissarin Lucas, "Der Wald"
• Der Koch
• Conduct
• Momentum (short-movie)
• Ausgerechnet Sibirien
• Bastard
• Komissarin Lucas, "Gier"
• Vincent will meer
• Reine Formsache
• Mondscheintarif
• Und das ist erst der Anfang
• Caipiranha
• Be.Angeled
• Hommage á Noir
• Nimm die Spinnen weg
• Karambolage

• "33 GRAD - EP"
• "Moods - The Retouched Themes" (Remixes, EP)
• "Moods" (solo album, 2015)
• "Der Koch" (OST with Stevie B-Zet, 2014)
• "Momentum" (OST, 2013)
• "Bastard" (OST with Stevie B-Zet, 2013)
• "Ausgerechnet Sibirien" (OST with Stevie B-Zet, 2012)
• "Vincent will meer" (OST with Stevie B-Zet, 2011)
• "Wunderland" (Solo-album 2010)
• "Nuit blanche" (by "Hegemund", Album 2010 with G. Tollmann)
• "Lucy's Dream"  (Solo-album 2008)
• "Music from the Scape"  (Solo-album, 2007)
"Hommage à Noir" (Soundtrack, 1996)
• "Looking Beyond" (Solo-album, 1993)
"TollmannHildenbeutel" (with Gottfried Tollmann, Album 1996)

Sven Väth:
    "Fusion" (1997)
    "The Harlequin, The Robot and The Ballet-Dancer"
    "Accident in Paradise" (1992)

    "Barbarella - The Art of Dance" (1992)

• Earth Nation:
    "Amnesie" (1998)
    "Live..." (1996)
    "Live in Montreux" (1996)
    "Terra Incognita" (1995)
    "Thoughts in Past Future" (1994)
• Other projects during the "EYE Q years":
    "Zyon" (diverse, 1992)
    "Odyssee of Noises" (diverse, 1993-1996)
    "Icon" (1994)
    "Vernon's Wonderland" (1996)
    "Cygnus x" (diverse, 1993-1995)
    "Mignon" (1991)
    "Progressive Attack" (1993)
    "Curare" (1993)

Schallbau "Schallbau's Point Zero Vol. 1" (Album, 1998)

• Laith Al-Deen (production & songwriting)
    "Ich will nur wissen" (2001)
    "Melomanie" (2002)
    "Für Alle" (2004)
    "Die Frage wie" (2005)
    "Die Liebe zum Detail" (2007)

Cargo City (production)
    "Talking to Myself" (Album 2014)  
    "Dance/Sleep" (Album 2011)
    "On.Off.On.Off." (Album 2009)
    "How to Fake Like You are Nice and Caring" (Album 2008)
    "When i sleep...EP" (2007)

• Badesalz, diverse '90-'95. German Comedy Duo, 5 golden albums.

• Yvonne Catterfeld
    several tracks on First three albums, production & songwriting

• Andreas Bourani "Frieden"

Simon Collins
    "All of Who You Are" (Album, 1999, production)

• Tom Albrecht, ("Sing", "Wir sind eins", "360 Grad", co-written and -produced)
• Sandra, 2007 new-production of "Maria Magdalena" & "Hiroshima"
• I Dream, "Say it's Alright"
• Da Pump, "Wish you would"
• Yello, "To the Sea" with Stina Nordenstam, produced

I Love Pop "Songs from the Whiteshed" (Album, 2006, co-written and-produced)


• Eye Wish (Netherlands campaign)
• BVR campaign 2012/2013/2014 (Jürgen Klopp and others)
• Nationale Nederlanden
• VW
• Mercedes
• Mandaag
• Lorenz


Fahrenhaidt, The Fred Banana Combo, Anne Clark, Robert Palmer, Yello, Enigma, Sebastian Hämer, Sandra, Stina Nordenstam, Oomph!, Laurent Garnier, Ofrin, Cartridge, Energy 52, etc.
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